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Data Recovery From M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe NVMe Drives

Data recovery from SSD is a complex process and requires specialized techniques and technology. Our data recovery engineers have studied complex SSD data storage structure and gained knowledge, and skills required to perform data recovery from M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe NVMe PCI interface based drives. We have proven track record of recovering data from SSDs of all leading manufacturers, such as Western Digital®, Seagate®, SanDisk®, Kingston®, Intel® Samsung®, etc. Our data recovery services is safe, secure, and 100% confidential.

We have the highest success rate in recovering data from solid state drives. With our professional data recovery services, you have the best chance to get back your data from SSDs and flash drives. We have proprietary techniques to recover data from SSDs in all data loss situations.



SSDs and flash drives are encrypted to ensure security and confidentiality of data. Encryption level can be at hardware level or software level. We use proprietary technology to decrypt the encrypted SSD or flash drive and recover data from it.


SSD Firmware Corruption Issues

The firmware corruption issues in solid state drive can make the data stored on it inaccessible. Due to firmware corruption, the drive may respond very slowly or not get initialized. We have expertise in resolving firmware corruption issues.


SSD in RAID Configuration

Data recovery from SSD storage when used in RAID arrays is a complex and time-consuming process. Wear leveling and individual memory chips functioning in a RAID-like configuration create additional challenges.


SSD Component Failure

SSD and flash drive have multiple memory chips that are used to store data internally. In many cases, data loss happens because of the internal memory card failure or controller chip failure. This requires high precision and advanced techniques to restore the data. 


Data Recovery from SSD In All Data Loss Scenarios

There are various scenarios that may result in loss of data from SSDs and flash drives, such as hardware failure, human error, computer viruses, power surges, natural disasters, or software/program corruption. Whatever may be the cause behind the data loss, we can recover up to 100% data. Our data recovery experts perform the data recovery tasks in state-of-the-art labs to ensure safe and secure recovery of data. 

Formatted SSD Recovery

Accidental Deletion or Formatting of Drives

Accidental deletion of data or formatting of SSD is a common data loss situation. We can easily recover data lost due to deletion or formatting of drive. However, in such cases, it is advised that you should immediately stop using the drives. This prevents overwriting of data, thus reducing the chances of data recovery. 

Firmware corruption in SSD


Firmware updates are required to enable the devices to function properly and to fix bugs. However, firmware updates may lead to data corruption, if not monitored properly. Our data recovery experts can recover data lost due to firmware level, hardware level, or software level issues.  



Physical damage to SSD drive makes it inaccessible. Our professional data recovery experts have all the required tools and techniques to recover data from a physically damaged SSD. Get in touch with our experts to get back your data.


SSD Recovery Case Study

Stellar® Recovers 150 GB Data from a Self-Encrypting SSD Having Firmware Corruption. Read on to know how Stellar® data care experts cracked this one-off case and recovered the data successfully from the SSD.

Stellar SSD Recovery Service

We Successfully Recovered Data from Physically Failed SSD with Firmware Corruption

Stellar® had recently come across a case wherein the user had reported an inability to access the data stored on the SSD because the self-encrypting drive was unable to initialize. Despite making repeat attempts to access the device on different host devices and via different USB cables, the drive remained inaccessible. Stellar® data care experts diagnosed this as a case of physical drive failure due to firmware corruption. The user needed to recover the entire 150 GB data stored on the physically failed and self-encrypting SSD.


We Recover Data From All Solid State Drives  

We have developed world-class infrastructure and technology to recover data from internal and external SSD drives. Data recovery experts at Stellar® have extensive experience and proven track record of successfully recovering data from SSDs of all known brands, such as Intel®, SanDisk®, Kingston®, Western Digital®, Seagate®, Transcend®, Samsung®, and others.

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Don't see your SSD brand listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from SSD drive of any type or brand.

No. 1 ssd Data Recovery

Stellar® SSD Data Recovery Service

A pioneer in data recovery domain, we understands the nitty-gritty of SSD data recovery. Our experts take personal care of every data recovery job and ensure up to 100% data recovery from SSDs, irrespective of the data loss reason. Millions of customers around the globe have put their trust in us. 

Stellar SSD Recovery - watch video

Secure SSD Data Recovery Service

Why Stellar Data Recovery


My SSD drive has failed. How should I recover data from it?

Whatever may be the reason for SSD failure – physical damage, corruption, bad sectors, etc. – do not use any hit-and-trial methods to recover the data. In case of SSD failure, it’s best to seek the help of a data recovery expert. 

I have an SSD which has crashed and is not showing up in BIOS. What can I do to recover data from it?

If your SSD is not detecting or not showing up in BIOS, it might be physically crashed or having firmware corruption. Contact an SSD data recovery expert immediately to recover your precious data.

How to recover data from a formatted SSD?

You can recover data from a formatted SSD by using an effective and trusted data recovery tool, such as Stellar Data Recovery.

What are the common causes of data loss from an SSD?

Some common causes of data loss from SSD are:

  • Physical damage
  • Firmware corruption
  • Virus attacks
  • Water or fire damage
  • Corruption of the flash chips
  • Short-circuit
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Formatting of SSD

What is the cost of SSD Recovery?

The cost of data recovery can be ascertained after the analysis of the SSD. It primarily depends upon the following key parameters:

  • The data storage capacity of SSD
  • Complexity & root cause of data loss situation

Why should I choose Stellar Data Recovery service for SSD data recovery?

Stellar is a pioneer in the data recovery domain. It has a proven track record of recovering data from all types of SSDs, irrespective of the data loss situation. The data recovery experts at Stellar can recover data even from physically damaged SSDs. We recover your data with 100% privacy and safety.

Is it possible to recover data from dead SSD?

Yes. Data recovery experts, such as Stellar, can recover data even from dead SSD.


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Very satisfied with the service and the data is fully recovered as per my expectations. Thank you Stellar.

Rajiv Grover

Rajiv Grover

5 Star Rating Sep 29, 2022

Good team at Stellar for Data Recovery
Ms. Monika Anand is good at attending & explaining the procedure. I'm satisfied with the service. Thank you Stellar.

Aditya Mittal

Aditya Mittal

5 Star Rating Sep 08, 2022

Data recovery within stipulated time with data confidentiality but the rate is relatively high but appreciable as data is more valuable than price.

But I expect more discount however all satisfactory.

Roshan Kumar Mishra

Roshan Kumar Mishra

5 Star Rating Sep 05, 2022

The Overall experience with stellar pune branch was super smooth. I would personally like to thank Ms. Saee and Aruna Ma'am for their timely updates and conversations.

Prashant Phirke

Prashant Phirke

5 Star Rating Jun 27, 2022

I am extremely satisfied with the data recovery from dead ssd drive. Support Executive Shashi Mishra had professionally responded all my queries and kept in touch with me till I received recovered data. I am very satisfied with her professional behavior. I will surely recommend stellar to all my colleagues and friends. Thanks

Yogesh Daga

Yogesh Daga

5 Star Rating Mar 23, 2022

Data recovery and communication/response (with Sashi Mishra) is very good. Only thing the data recovery charges is pretty high.

Rajat Mishra

Rajat Mishra

5 Star Rating Jan 04, 2021

Great support provided by Ms. Vandana I wish to her for great future..

Dharmender Goel

Dharmender Goel

4 Star Rating Jan 22, 2020

Thanks a lot for the prompt service and 100% data retrieving with efficiency.
Respecting my Necessity and time!
Thanks again Ramalaxmi, Ms Ross and for sure Mr DRONA the superman (my data retriever)

Abhilasha Nagori

Abhilasha Nagori

5 Star Rating Nov 22, 2019

I got my complete data, Excellent Job

Nilesh Swamy

Nilesh Swamy

5 Star Rating Sep 17, 2019

Thanks, Stellar Team for recovery my client's data from SSD. they are highly efficient and professional. Special Thanks to Pallavi for helping.

Trust it care

Trust it care

5 Star Rating Sep 04, 2019