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Global Leader in RAID Server Data Recovery with the Highest Success Rate 

It’s easier to recover data from certain RAID configurations than others. But no matter the configuration in your server, we can restore your data. Our RAID recovery professionals can recover data from failed RAID systems with 100% accuracy. We promise that your data will remain secure as we recover from your crashed or failed RAID servers

Raid System Structure

Internal RAID system structures

Our technicians have a deep understanding of the internal structures in a RAID configuration. They are well-versed with the various configuration levels, hardware, and file system structures. This knowledge allows us to successfully restore your data caused by all data loss scenarios. 

Raid Algorithm

RAID algorithms

Each RAID configuration uses a different algorithm to store data. As the levels increase, the operating system environment tends to get more complex and sophisticated. Our experts have experience handling the different configurations and formats. So they can recover your data from any RAID level. 

Failed Raid Controller

Behavior of RAID controller

Our experts understand the behaviour of RAID controllers based on the parity course followed. This understanding comes in handy when our technicians perform reverse engineering to restore your data. You can reach out to our RAID Data Recovery experts for a free consultation.

Raid Striping

RAID striping & mirroring

RAID configurations employ striping, mirroring, parity, or double parity methods to create reliable large-scale data stores. The data recovery experts at Stellar® are adept at these concepts. This is crucial when restoring large volumes of data from RAID servers.


Data Recovery From RAID Servers In All Possible Data Loss Scenarios 

Our experts are well-versed with the differences and intricacies of all RAID configurations and levels right from RAID 0 to RAID 10 and everything in-between. This knowledge, combined with our proprietary technology in sophisticated Class 100 Clean Room labs makes us the service you should rely on for RAID data recovery. Our experts can handle data loss occurring due to any data loss scenario. These include but are not limited to: 

Reliable Data Recovery For All Major RAID Servers

Whatever Your RAID Server, Stellar® Has The answer

novell raid server

Novell RAID Server

Our data recovery experts have a deep understanding of Novell RAID servers. Our experts can guarantee maximum data recovery even if your server contains hefty NSS files. They work systematically to find the correct files that will efficiently restore your data. 


Drobo RAID Server

Though Drobo systems are stronger alternatives to RAID, they are still susceptible to data loss. The complexities in a Drobo system need the touch of an expert for successful data recovery. That’s where our professionals can help you. 

sun raid server

SUN RAID Server 

SUN RAID usually has a RAID 5, 6, 10, or RAID-Z3 configuration. Our data recovery experts are well-versed with all of these technologies. They can assure speedy recovery of your essential data from SUN RAID servers. 

qnap server

QNAP, and others

This is not all. We have experience in RAID server data recovery with all other server types, such as QNAP, JBOND, MS Hyper-V, Equallogic, Novell, SNAP, and Netapp data recovery.

CASE Study

India’s First RAID Z Data Recovery

Raid Z data recovery extremely. Nobody had accomplished this in India. Our team succeeded in recovering 12 TB of mission-critical business data from a failed RAID Z-configured Dell® server

Stellar RAID Recovery

India’s First Successful Data Recovery From RAID Z Server

RAID Z integrated with the ZPS file system is better than the traditional RAID server. However, RAID Z is more complex than any other RAID configuration, in terms of disk space usage, average file size, and the OS. So when you lose data accidentally, recovery also becomes more complex. 

A leading Indian healthcare enterprise client trusted us with data recovery for their Dell PowerEdge R710 RAID Z server. The server and ZFS volume, which hosted customers’ sensitive data, became inaccessible. 

Read Complete Case Study


 We Recover Data From All RAID Configurations

Traditional RAID Configurations
RAID 9 RAID 10  
Nested RAID levels
RAID 0+1 RAID 1+0 RAID 100 (RAID 1+0+0)
RAID 0+3 and 3+0 RAID 0+3 RAID 30
RAID 50 (RAID 5+0) RAID 51 RAID 05 (RAID 0+5)
RAID 53 RAID 60 (RAID 6+0)  

Non Standard RAID structure where we can Recover Data

RAID 5 and EMC RAID server
Traditional RAID 5 EMC RAID 
A1 A2 A3 Ap A1 B1 C1 1p
B1 B2 Bp B3 A2 B2 C2 2p
C1 Cp C2 C3 A3 B3 C3 3p
Dp D1 D2 D3 A4 B4 C4 4p
Other RAID configurations
Intel Rapid Storage Technology
(formerly called Intel Matrix RAID)
RAID-Z RAID-Z2 Tahoe Distributed File System Drive Extender
BeyondRAID UnRAID Drobo BeyondRAID  

* Don't see your RAID listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover data from any type or model of RAID.

Our Service Advantage

Stellar® Raid Data Recovery Services

We are dedicated to providing world-class service to our clients. Our high-tech labs and expert data recovery professionals are adept at dealing with RAID systems. We guarantee worry-free and secure data recovery from any RAID system. We abide by international standards and ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data at all stages of the RAID data recovery process. 

Stellar Server Data Recovery

Exceptional Data Recovery Services

  • Effective data recovery no matter the RAID configuration and levels
  • Non-exhaustible inventory of 15,000+ donor hard drives
  • Indian first & only certified “Class 100 Clean Room” lab
  • Sizable experience with data recovery performing 40,000+ tasks every year
  • More than 3 million satisfied customers globally
  • 25+ years of service in the data recovery domain with no black marks in our ledger 
  • Unbeatable success rate of 80% to rescue data 
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization 

Advanced RAID Data Recovery Process

Our 4-step data recovery process

We’ve designed a customer-friendly engagement process. It begins with a free consultation, followed by RAID analysis, RAID recovery, and finally RAID data verification. By choosing Stellar®, you’re choosing world-class quality, upfront assurance, and a stress-free data recovery experience. 









RAID Server Data Recovery – The Stellar® Advantage

We are Fast To Rebuild RAID Server and Recover Data

As a customer-first brand, we offer a free expert consultation upfront. This helps you understand the recovery process, and reduces your anxiety.  Once we understand the RAID server data loss causes, we can then advise you about the next steps.  

We understand how crucial your RAID server is for your business. Trust us to complete the RAID recovery in the shortest possible duration. Recovery time depends on its configuration, data volume, and nature of the problem (physical/logical/both). Ask our consultant about our priority RAID server data recovery service

Get FREE Quote  766 990 6221


Can I recover a RAID 5 array if two drives have failed?

If two RAID drives fail, you cannot overcome the loss because RAID 5 can only be recovered with the loss of one disk. However, you can take the help of professional RAID recovery services or software to recover RAID 5 data. Read case study

Can I recover my deleted data from the RAID drive by using the software?

Yes, you can recover all your deleted/formatted data from RAID drive by using Stellar® Data Recovery - Technician. Install and run the software on Windows system. After you rebuild the RAID, select and scan the drives from the software’s interface. Once the scan gets completed, select the files you want to recover from the scanned list. Then select 'Recover,' and choose the destination to save your files/data.

Is there any software to recover data from Windows RAID?

Yes, you can use Stellar® Data Recovery - Technician for Windows RAID Recovery.

How to recover data from RAID-based NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

You can take the help of a data recovery professional such as Stellar® to recover your data from RAID-based NAS. Our experts can recover lost data from the RAID server, even if multiple drives in the RAID-based NAS server have failed. Read case study

What are the common causes of RAID failure?

RAID may fail due to the following reasons:

  1. Virus/malware attack
  2. Physical failure of RAID drives
  3. Issues with RAID Controller
  4. Sudden power outage
  5. Software errors
Can RAID Reconstructor work without a drive in Raid 0 array?

No, RAID 0 is non-redundant and does not allow the loss of a drive in the array. You would lose data, if a single drive fails.

Which RAID is best for data protection?

RAID 5 is considered to be the best server format for disk arrangement. It is the most used one by businesses and enterprises. RAID 5 performs better than mirroring and also has better fault tolerance. 

In terms of speed and performance, RAID 0 is considered to be the best. 

How often do RAID drives fail?

On average, a RAID server has a 2.5% failure rate every year of its operations. Hardware issues, like Rotational Vibration, are hard to avoid. This is why it’s important to know a professional RAID data recovery service on whom you can rely on. 

How should I recover a failed RAID array?

The safest way that assures maximum data recovery is to entrust the recovery to professionals. RAID systems usually require technical skills to fix that not all IT executives have. 

What is the RAID recovery process?

At Stellar, we follow a 4-step RAID recovery process. First, you can get a free consultation from our RAID recovery consultant. Then. we analyse the issue and give you a quote. Then we conduct RAID data recovery in our high-tech labs. Finally, we verify the recovered data for correctness and accessibility. 

Can you recover data from RAID 0?

RAID 0 arrays are non-redundant. So if the information from one file is lost, it’s non-recoverable. If the data is on another member disk, you can attempt recovery. But it’s successful only if the files are of a specific size. 


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Probably the best data recovery company and awesome.
Superb service recovered all our data from a NAS box. We were worried about the data loss but Steller helped us and recovered our all data with 100% data integrity at a very very good price. The Stellar team is very honest unlike other companies and have a fixed price list. Extremely helpful and they are not trying to sell you anything just genuinely trying to help you recover data. I would be very careful with other companies as there are a lot of data scam companies. Truly Stellar saved some very very important data and to us, they are the best!!! Keep up the good work.

Chavare Engineering Pvt Ltd

Chavare Engineering Pvt Ltd

5 Star Rating Aug 19, 2022

Excellent, no word to say…
They recovered a single partition of 80 Terabyte successfully



5 Star Rating Aug 19, 2022

Excellent service, with quick responsiveness from the team. Was able to extract complete data from crashed hard disk. Thank you for your efforts!

Utsav Jalan

Utsav Jalan

5 Star Rating Aug 19, 2022

It is a nice experience with the STELLAR DATA RECOVERY Kolkata unit...... They have done what they were committed to us on the first day of our meeting in their office. Our RAID SERVER ARRAY hard disks are completely recovered by Stellar data recovery Kolkata unit with great success. Thanks to Soumojit sir and his team.... specifically Srabani Chatterjee and MADHUMITA ROY for their performance.

M/S MMCS Pvt. Ltd.

M/S MMCS Pvt. Ltd.

5 Star Rating Jul 28, 2022

Wonderful Job!
Stellar Team was very helpful to us. Our data was really crucial and without proper recovery it would have been a disaster. We were really lucky to receive flawless services from the Stellar Team.
They are technologically sound and one of the best RAID recovery service providers in India. Definitely Recommended.



5 Star Rating May 22, 2020

Stellar - Data recovery is one the best company in data recovery. They are master in RAID data recovery. In the lock down situation also they are giving us data recovery services from remote which is one the good example of customer service in this Covid 19 situation. My company was not able to function due to data loss but Stellar has helped us and Recovered our most important data and I able to start my production.
Stellar team is very cooperative, fast response and action on the issue immediately and resolved it. I am really thankful to them for the support and cooperation.

Good Luck to Stellar - Data Recovery and team Ahmedabad

Satyavan Bangera

Satyavan Bangera

5 Star Rating May 02, 2020

Prompt Service, the sales & technical were customer centric..

Satyavan Bangera

Satyavan Bangera

5 Star Rating May 01, 2020

Good to see full data recovery.

Eaton India Innovation Center, Pune

Eaton India Innovation Center, Pune

5 Star Rating Dec 26, 2019

Excellent Data Recovery Service.

Aniket mali

Aniket mali

5 Star Rating May 29, 2019

Great service, lots of professional integrity, a bit pricey but get the job done

Chaitanya T

Chaitanya T

5 Star Rating Mar 29, 2019