Study Findings

Stellar recently conducted the world’s largest known lab study on 311 used devices comprising -hard drives, memory cards, and mobile phones- to ascertain the plausibility of residual data on these devices. This systematic study presents empirical evidence on the risks of data breach while disposing off used devices.

Devices Analysed & Data Found

Devices Analysed

Memory Card
Hard Drives

Data Found

Photos & Videos
Passport & Visa
Login Credential
Banking Details
Income Tax Filing
Business Contract

These are just some examples of the data left behind.

are vulnerable to Personal Data / PII leakage risks.

Data Privacy & Security Risks

What Experts Says

“By employing NAID’s principles to conduct the study, STELLAR has assured the results are accurate and the personal information found in the process was fully protected at all times.”

Robert Johnson


“I hope this study finds its purpose to build awareness about the potential risk amongst all stakeholders including law enforcement agencies, regulators, consumers, data protection officers and professional information destruction providers. ”

Sunil Chandna


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